The band is starting a new chapter... does this website.



We wrote this song about apartheid in South Africa and what a bad effect it left the country in.

"South Africa is in my heart and it hurts me to see that some things are going down the drain because of what happened in the past.
But I also wrote Time Flies because people in Europe actually have no clue what happened back then and they should understand why South Africa is in the state that it is."




Philip Frank

- vocals, guitar -

- 19 yo | South Africa -



Dominik Tamaškovič

- drums, percussion, mix -

- 29 yo | Slovakia -

Martin Gablovič

- bass -

- 27 yo | Slovakia -



Matej "Tuniak" Lipták

- guitar, piano, sampler -

- 30 yo |  Slovakia -




Končiny Festival | 3. - 5. august

We are preparing more gigs in the new year 2018. Stay in touch with us, and like our Facebook page for news.

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